How Much Food Does A Kitten Need?

The average kitten will need 2 to 4 ounces of food per day. This amount can be in the form of a small bits or soft chunks, but not shredded up into tiny pieces that are difficult for the cat to eat. Some pet stores sell canned foods specifically designed for kittens and cats under 10 pounds, which is a good start if you want your kitten get used to eating from a bowl. Also try wetting some kibble or canned food with warm water before you give it to your kitten. The practice helps them learn how much they need to eat without going too hungry because there’s nothing left at the end of a full meal! If feeding dry food, make sure it has no more than 20% moisture content so that it doesn’t cause choking issues when chewed by your little one. You should also provide fresh drinking water at all times while they are being fed because even though their diet consists mostly off liquid calories (4-8 cups daily), dehydration can still happen during hot weather especially for smaller breeds such as Siamese and domestic shorthair cats, who have less body fat reserves compared with bigger breeds such as Maine Coons and Russian blue cats whose bodies have higher densities of fat cells enabling them keep cool in warmer temperatures!

How do I feed my cat?

You can give your kitten dry food straight from the bag or mix raw meaty bones & organs once every few days together with moistened kibble until they become