How Much Food Should A 2 Month Old Kitten Eat?

by Brooke


My little kitten is 2 months old. She eats very little and it takes her a long time to finish. I have no idea how much she should eat but I want to know what the best food for kittens are so they grow up healthy enough not to molt until their 3 month birthday! Any ideas?Hello Brooke,Well that is good news that she doesn’t do molt yet!Maintaining your kitten’s weight at this age can be tricky because of their small bodies, but there are some things you can watch out for.One thing you may want to consider switching if possible his/her dry food with canned or moistened foods instead of wet food . Dry cat foods tend to be lower in calories , which means less fat will need stored as adipose tissue (fat). This also allows more room for growth without gaining weight too quickly. Another advantage of choosing a dry diet is the fact that many commercial diets contain by-products such as corn gluten meal or soy, both ingredients that might upset your kitten’s tummy if consumed over an extended period of time.. If using canned foods please make sure your pet gets plenty of fresh water each day while still feeding him/her on a regular schedule . Drinking fresh water helps keep the body free of toxins which help prevent kidney disease and other health conditions in pets.The following links provide information on cat nutrition:Cat Nutrition