How Much Food Should A 4 Month Old Kitten Eat?

This is a great question and I have been asked this many times. There are so many factors that can all be going on at the same time, making it difficult to give a quick answer.

One thing you can do is use your own common sense and decide what will work best for your cat! Use common sense when feeding any child under 3 years of age, children need less food than adults because they grow slowly from infancy to adulthood, babies need more calories per pound of body weight than older kids or adults. So if you think that the kitten seems hungry then feed him until he looks full but not gassy or uncomfortable. If you think he needs extra food to keep his eating habits healthy then by all means give it to him as long as there’s no vomiting or diarrhea caused due to too much food!

But always remember: NEVER FEED A CAT TOO MUCH!!! It could lead to very serious consequences such as liver failure which may result in death! The only exception would be bottle fed kittens who require higher levels of protein intake (in order for them get proper growth) or cats with specific diets like canned cat foods where the manufacturer gives them amounts based on their size at different ages (such canned foods come in different “weights” depending on how old they are). But again – NEVER FEED A CATS TOO MUCH!!! Overfeeding cats was one of my mothers biggest pet peeves since she has 9 daughters & husbands who