How Much Food Should A Kitten Eat Per Day?

A kitten can eat about one-third of its own body weight in food every day. If your cat is underfed, it will lose too much weight and not have enough energy to play or be active. This could lead to many health problems including starvation, being unable to urinate normally, diarrhea and anorexia (see these common causes of poor appetite in cats). A healthy adult cat should have a daily intake of 0.3 ounces per pound body weight. For example – if the average size cat weighs 10 pounds, they need to eat 900 calories each day just for maintenance!

What are good foods for kittens?

Kittens are small animals so their nutritional needs are different from other pets such as dogs or horses because they do not require large amounts of meat like medium/large sized carnivores (dogs & cats) do. Kittens only need 1/4 the amount that larger carnivores require; this is why commercial kitten diets contain mostly grain based products where all you get is dry kibble with the few bits of meat mixed into them – since most kittens grow up without regular access to high protein meats (like beef), they must rely on plant proteins instead which often contains no essential amino acids necessary for growth unless supplemented with certain nutrients added by human caretakers who understand nutrition very well… But there’s nothing wrong with feeding “complete” kitten foods if you insist on doing so…. The reason why pet stores sell special ones made especially for cats or dogs