How Much Food Should I Feed My Kitten?

My kitten eats 3/4 of the can at each feeding. I am used to having my cats on prescription cat food (Royal Canin). She is not vomiting but it doesn’t look like she is getting enough nutrition in her diet. Do you think she should be fed more?

Vet Response: This question has no easy answer, without seeing your kitten there’s no way to tell how much or little she needs to eat, so until you get some answers about what she does and doesn’t like I’d still feed her on a regular schedule for now. If it turns out that once they are able to hold food themselves they need less quantity then adjust their portions accordingly – otherwise make sure all meals are healthy options with plenty of protein and green leafy vegetables as well as other essential nutrients such as Omega-3s, vitamin B12 etc… Please don’t take this too personally though because every cat is different!