How Much For A Vet Visit For A Stray Kitten?

The vet visited my house today. He kept the cat in his office for a little while to run some tests. They are trying to find out what kind of cat it is, so they need the name and some other information on it so they can match its DNA with some known breeds. The number he gave me was 206-xxxx-XXXX

They want $75 – $100 for this visit (with exam), plus an additional $450 fee to get blood work completed and sent off before the results come back from the lab. I told him we don’t have that much money right now, but we’ll pay as soon as we can scrape together enough funds. He said that if we didn’t pay within 30 days then there will be no refunds or discounts and no further medical care available!

What should I do? We really need help finding someone who knows how to identify cats! If you live in Washington state we’d appreciate any help you could give us!