How Much Is A Kitten Vet Check Up?

There is a $30.00 charge for some vaccines and other health care services, such as deworming and flea treatment. 50% of the cost of each kitten’s initial check up will be refunded to you if your pet passes its exam and we do not bill you for any additional medical care provided by us after that date; after five (5) months from the date on which your kitten’s first visit was made, no refunds will be issued for any veterinary fees or charges incurred after that time. Petoskey Animal Hospital does not accept American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers unless they meet our requirements: See our “Pet Policies” page for more details regarding these documents.

What about my cat’s shots? Do I have to get them at Petoskey Animal Hospital?

We recommend all kittens receive the following vaccinations: Rabies – 1st year of life

– 1st year of life Distemper/Parvo – 2nd & 3rd years of life *(if applicable in your area). All cats must have been wormed with HeartgardĀ® prior to their arrival at Petoskey Animal Hospital . We can safely administer this vaccine in most cases when given within 24 hours before arrival in hospital, but it may help keep costs down if you bring us a prescription from home stating how many doses are needed so we can avoid having to fill another dose later on even though it has already been administered at our clinic during