How Much Is A Kitten??


(jessica, if you have a kitten and a baby, how old would it be??)

babe: “I don’t know. I was out of town with my parents for two weeks. I guess he is about four or five months old now.” (jessica let the cat in.)

daddy: “There he is! Hey kitty where were you? Where did your mama go?” (the cat ran to daddy and sat on his lap)

babe: “Oh my God! He loves me too much . . . Maybe that is why mommy didn’t want him anymore! Let me get a picture of him so we can keep him for sure this time around!! What do you think dad??? He likes us both!!! Look at those eyes!!! They are blue!!!! Really?! Oh yeah they are going to be gorgeous when they grow up!!!!! Can we keep him???? Please say yes!!! Don’t make our little family complete without another member????? Daddy please say yes!!!! Tell jessica she needs to give me confirmation right away!!! If she doesn’t, then I’m moving out here like yesterday!!!” (she kissed her father.)

daddy voiceover: “Hey buddy wahhh what’s up man?” (pause) “You’re really cute. Are you hungry?” (“no thanks”) “Then let’s not worry