How Much Is A Ragamuffin Kitten?

how much is a ragamuffin kitten? Ragamuffins are generally small, slender cats. They come in many colors and patterns. The most popular breeders of ragamuffins are British shorthaired cats (British Shorthair) and American shorthairs (American Shorthair). Both breeds originated in the United Kingdom. However, the British Shorthair has grown to be more popular than its American counterpart because it’s easier to find homes for them at shelters or rescues than it is for an American shorthair cat. The result: Fewer kittens go through this process than with other cat breeds that need special care by their guardians before they can be placed up for adoption.

Ragamuffins have petite looks but big personalities! Their size makes them high maintenance pets—so you’ll want to make sure your new kitten gets plenty of exercise daily! As these little furballs grow up, they become increasingly independent and independent-minded as well; so make sure you’re ready when your ragdoll turns into a young adult! Read More on Our Cat Breeds page about “ragdolls.”