How Much Is It To Adopt A Kitten From Petco?

How much is it to adopt a kitten from petco? Petsmart adoption fees. The Petco adoption fee for kittens and cats is $200, but there’s an additional $30-per-month commitment after the initial 90 days. Prices vary by location and time of year, so check with your local store. Petco will match their prices up to a certain amount per month if you commit to longer service contracts, which can add thousands more onto the price tag without any added benefits. Here are some other things to know about adopting from Petco: — If you’re planning on returning your new cat or kitten back home eventually after getting them checked out at the vet, make sure that you get a copy of its medical records within 30 days of bringing it home! You’ll need this information in case something goes wrong while they’re still under contract with Petco… …and also because if something does go wrong later on down the line (like a serious illness), then pet stores have an easier time claiming not being able to tell what was going on when they didn’t have copies of the original records just lying around somewhere! So get ’em while your animal is still young enough that everything seems OK initially… …and remember that even though you don’t pay anything up front to take one home right away/promise never having plans for returning it ever again, once they reach 1 year old or so, it may be too late to get out before they become “forever