How Much Kitten Formula Per Feeding?

2-3 ml per feeding = 1/4 cup (40ml)

5-6 ml per feeding = 1/2 cup (60ml)

How often do I feed my kitten?

During the first week your kitten will eat every 2-3 hours and during the second week this will reduce to every 3-4 hours. Your veterinarian can determine for you how much and how often to feed according to your kitten’s age, growth rate, activity level and breed.

What is a bottle? How does it work? Why do kittens prefer them over mouthing their mother’s teats?! A bottle works just like a human baby bottle: you fill it up with warm water that has been mixed with some specially made formula. The mixture allows the perfect temperature of milk or food without overheating or spoiling on its way from an animal in heat back into her body after she finishes nursing! You can buy bottles at pet stores or most discount department stores. When they are completely empty, rinse them out with cold water before refilling them with new mixture each time… But don’t worry if you forget! Cats have very good memories when it comes to what they want ! They WILL come back to where they know there is fresh milk or food whenever they think about it ! If not fed regularly enough , cats may become sick . It is important that kittens get plenty of exercise – daily play sessions outdoors are ideal but indoor games such as hide & seek