How Much Kitten Formula To Feed?

kitten formula is designed for kittens over 6 weeks old. This means the kitten has gone through the initial period of weaning and is ready to eat solid foods. You can buy kitty food in either a powder or pellet form, which you’ll mix with boiled water. Your vet will recommend how much to feed your kitten at each feeding – generally 1/4th teaspoon per four ounces of water once every two hours if they are very young, or gradually increasing it up to twice a day as they grow older.

My cat refuses all kinds of food! What do I do?

Feeding your pet may be difficult when there isn’t much success when trying different types of cat foods , but most cats who refuse most types of food won’t let that stop them finding something else they like! The best advice is just try one new type at a time until you find out what works for your cat with its own unique personality and preferences . If after six months things still aren’t working, call us on 01274-232080 so our team can help suggest alternatives tailored towards your individual needs.