How Much Liquid For Dehydrated 12 Week Kitten?

Hello. I have a 4 week old kitten that is doing well, but has been losing weight and not eating as much he should. He was on the vet for a checkup today and they said his body temp was low (92) so it’s possible he could be dehydrated. They gave him fluids through an IV which hopefully will help, but I wanted to make sure of what kind of liquid to give him? When he eats some water out of the dish, it doesn’t even look like any came up! And when we wake him up in the morning or whatever time he goes down for naps at night, there’s nothing left! Nothing!!! Any suggestions? What kind of food would you recommend giving him if anything? Thanks!![/QUOTE]

I’m sorry to hear about your kitty suffering from dehydration – here are some tips:

1) Swaddle your kitty in towels or blankets so that she can sleep comfortably without getting chilled or overheated by drafts coming through her bedding/blanket openings. If this isn’t effective, try using hot packs wrapped in towels instead; they work especially well for kittens because their soft skin gets more sensitive than adult cats’ coats once they’re older than 3-4 months old :). You can also use heated pads underneath her pad too if these methods don’t work.

2) Make sure she has access to fresh drinking water at all times – bottled water is best if