How Much Penicillin To Give A Kitten?

A: The usual dose is one to two milligrams. If the kitten’s temperature has gone down and appears to be normal, one hundred fifty to two hundred milligrams may be given instead of a single injection.

Q: How do we know when the penicillin has taken effect?

A: It takes about twenty-four hours for enough penicillin to be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream so that it will have an effect on bacteria in tissue fluid or on tissues themselves during their natural healing cycle. You must wait this amount of time before you try againand by then there may not be any infection at all!

Page 355

Q: Why can’t I give my kittens some milk if they are being treated with antibiotics? Won’t it kill them?

A: Milk contains many immunoglobulins which interfere with penicillin action because they oppose its effects against certain strains of bacteria while letting other important ones pass through untouched. About half of these immunoglobulins are present in human breast milk; most commercial infant formulas contain only trace amounts, but if your kitten became ill after having been fed something made from cow’s milk, he would need more than just antibiotic treatmenthis body might also need help digesting cow’s milk proteinwhich could result in kidney failure or death unless medical care was quickly available. A lactose-free diet for cats is now available commercially (see Chapter 27). Some veterinarians