How Much Protein Does A Kitten Need?

A kitten’s diet should contain about 20% protein, according to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. A higher percentage is recommended for breeds with a large amount of energy-producing body fat, such as Persians or longhairs. Kittens need more calories than adult cats but less protein so you’ll have to adjust their portions accordingly.

What kind of food do kittens eat?

Kittens are obligate carnivores meaning they must get all their nutrition from meat and other animal products. For this reason it is not possible to provide them with plant based foods at any age because it would take away all that essential protein that keep them healthy and strong! If you want your kitten on a vegetarian diet make sure he/she goes vegan – which means no dairy products either (milk). The best diets are raw meaty bones, raw fish & bones etc.. These can be purchased from our Online Shop or Just Add Raw! You can also use the recipe below if you like: