How Much Should 4 Month Old Kitten Eat?

My 4 month old kitten has recently started to eat a little more and I was wondering what is the right amount for him. He eats every 2-3 hours at most, but he doesnt have much energy so Im just trying to see if thats normal?

How long should my kitty cat sleep after being spayed/neutered? 14 days or less is still considered early recovery time. You can try having your vet recommend that you take him outside for play time in the morning and evening, as well as during lunch breaks. Your vet will also prescribe some meds to help aid with his recovery from this surgery. Keep an eye on how he’s doing! And make sure not to give him any fluids until 24 hours after surgery, unless directed by your veterinarian..

My cat sleeps a lot without eating What do i do because she eats about 3 times a day The food looks good but it doesn’t seem like she’s full except when she licks her nose