How Much Should A 10 Week Old Kitten Eat?

The weight of a kitten can be very difficult to determine. In general, kittens will weigh between 3 and 5 ounces at birth. Once they are nursing, the kittens weight should double or triple within a few days after their first feeding (i.e., 4-5 days). It is not uncommon for kittens to weigh more than 10 pounds at adulthood (20+ pounds is considered obese in most cat care establishments). Kittens typically need 2-3 small meals per day; this can vary based on their health status and activity level.. The number of times you feed your kitten depends upon many factors including age, breed, size etc… If your kitten seems lethargic or doesn’t act like itself it may be time to call your veterinarian for help with proper nutrition!

How much food does my cat eat? Is there an ideal amount of daily food that I am supposed to give him/her?

This question often comes up when cats get older. Older cats tend to lose appetite as they age so if you have an old cat who has lost some interest in eating then there isn’t really any magic formula about how much you should feed them each day – just make sure that they are getting enough water since drinking lots of liquid also helps keep the body hydrated..Younger cats however do tend to eat less than adult cats which means that you might want to adjust how often he/she eats depending on his/her age .Kittens will normally only