How Much Should A 20-Week Kitten Weigh?

Your kitten’s weight should be in the range of 1 to 3 pounds (half a kilogram) at birth. If your kitten is much heavier, it indicates that he or she was born prematurely and may need medical treatment for this. On the other hand, if your kitten is very light, it means that you have an underweight one. In such cases, call your veterinarian immediately!

What do I feed my 20-week old kitten?

Your young cat needs to eat frequently and readily digestible food which contains high energy content that will help them grow quickly and keep their body healthy. It’s important to check with your vet about what kind of food can be given since there are many different types available on the market today: dry canned foods; patee frozen raw meat; wet canned food containing fish meal and so on.. Whatever type of diet you choose for him/her makes no difference as long as they contain enough protein rich food from the beginning, don’t forget to add vitamins into their diet from time to time also. You should also know how often they need feeding by calculating their activity level – especially during daylight hours when cats tend not to move around much but rather sleep a lot while at night when indoor cats need more frequent meals because they spend most of their day sleeping away from home. Have some fun with kitty while watching its growth rate …