How Much Should A 5 Week Old Kitten Eat?

This age is just too young to be feeding the kitten any solid foods. The first thing you should do is introduce your kitten to table food slowly and see how he reacts. This way you can determine what might be a good variety for him so he doesn’t get sick later on. It’s generally best to introduce new foods one at a time because if the kitten isn’t interested in it, maybe another kind will work better instead.

If you don’t want to feed him with an eyedropper, there are some commercially available canned cat foods suitable for kittens that have been specially formulated especially for them from birth right up until they reach their adult size of about six months old or even longer depending on your cat’s needs. Only give very small amounts of solid food gradually as a treat each week until she becomes more accustomed to eating it every day and then increase the amount given over a period of time till she seems comfortable with having her meals come out of an ordinary bowl rather than being fed by hand through an eyedropper again…

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