How Much Should A Kitten Eat?

If you are feeding your kitten a full-grown cat food, or canned food that is meant for adult cats, then the most important thing to keep in mind is that kittens need less calories than adults. Kittens can consume as little as 20 calories per day, so it’s not difficult at all to let them eat only once every few days if they have enough of what they need through their mother’s milk. If you feed your kitten either too much or too often, he may become obese and develop diabetes later on in his life. It’s also very easy to overfeed a kitten because he has no teeth yet which means that when you put him on the ground with his head upside down holding onto some treats, he will suck up everything with his mouth but refuse to swallow any of it!

How do I know how many grams of protein my cat needs?

For this one we must turn back the clock even further back before mass production was available for pet foods. Back then people used wet food made out of meat scraps from butchering animals which were boiled together until tender and left overnight–this was called “meatloaf” because there wasn’t really anything remotely like it anywhere else. They would use whatever grains they had leftover after making bread out of flour (which didn’t exist either!) After soaking these grains overnight and cooking them into an oatmeal mixture along with pieces of mutton or chicken liver (or