How Much Should A Kitten Poop?

getting a kitten to use the bathroom after it’s been fed is a very common problem. if your cat eats well, and drinks water regularly, this may not be a problem at all. however, most cats don’t eat well or drink enough water while they are nursing. trying to get your kitten used to using the litter box before you bring him home will help prevent problems down the road.

the best thing you can do is try to get your kitten used to using the litter box in his new home as soon as possible by letting him watch you go about your daily routine for several days prior to bringing him home with you.. hide some of his regular kitty litter in an area he will see often (like under furniture) so he learns where it is located on his own without being exposed too much… make sure that at least half of what he sees when going into that location has something sticking out from it.. stick his hand into one side of whatever object there may be then have him move away quickly with another item hidden somewhere else within sight of the first item… if done properly, this should teach him pretty quickly just how important hiding places are in order for him not to have accidents!