How Much Should A Kitten Sleep?

Kittens have a relatively high metabolic rate, so they require more energy than adults or older kittens. They need to be kept warm and active during the day in order to help them get enough calories for growth, but it is still vital that you limit their activity at night. Kittens over three months old should sleep 11 hours per day while younger ones can sleep up to 14 hours a day. How frequently your kitten sleeps depends on his age and other factors such as their temperament which you will find out by reading our article about how much cats should play here: If possible keep your pet warm when sleeping – this helps with regulating body temperature and prevents hypothermia if he gets too cold whilst asleep! Discuss with your vet whether there are any specific dietary requirements relating to the amount of rest time required by your kitten – some diets may help prevent mild cataracts from forming or may aid digestion – talk through these options with your vet before adopting a kitten into an already established household which involves eating different foods (we recommend checking out Fancy Cats Systems for more information on why feeding certain food types leads to healthier long term outcomes). How often do I need to give my pet’s litter tray? You can choose how often you want them changed depending on what works best for you, although keeping it clean reduces odour issues overall. If using clumping litter then aim for every two