How Much Should A Kitten Weigh At 4 Months?

They should weigh around 3-4 lbs. by 4 months old as well as be eating on their own as an adult cat, although the intervals between meals will vary depending on your kitten’s individual progress and behavior towards eating. Adult cats can have a wide range of weights, but they all need to eat at least twice a day each time period so this is not something you should worry about too much.

How many kittens do I get?

The number of kittens that you will produce from your pet depends upon several factors including the age of the mother when she first whelped her litter and how many times she has been bred before then. In general though, if you are getting more than one kitten from a single breed, only 1/3rd or less of your initial breeding effort can result in puppies or kittens for sale – however don’t take it personally! It is simply because there are no guarantees with any species other than humans who also breed “show” dogs (and even those don’t always go smoothly). For example: The vast majority of Pekingese litters today come out 7 weeks after conception; however some people consistently produce 10 week old kits which means they were conceived over 2 months previously… These same people may never sell off another kit unless they go through another entire litter cycle! Likewise, most Shih Tzu females artificially inseminate themselves early in their cycles but occasionally fail to conceive young enough pups resulting in irregular spawns that often