How Much Should A Newborn Kitten Eat?

Newborn kittens need to eat every 2-3 hours and around 1/2 cup of kitten milk replacer (available at most pet stores) each feeding. Feeding newborns can be messy and it is recommended that you feed your kitten in a large, shallow bowl with the side removed so that the food does not spill out when you are attempting to spoon feed them. The cat should have access to water at all times. If they do not drink enough moisture by themselves within about 30 minutes, remove any visible loose stool from their bowl or replace it with fresh water until they begin drinking again.

How often should I change my kitty’s litter?

Cats are naturally clean animals but require frequent cleaning because of their fur covering – which makes regular litter changes necessary even in indoor cats! The best way for owners to determine how often a cat needs changing his litter box is by observing him or her while he or she goes about its daily activities – especially if the animal has recently had an illness that may have led to diarrhea. The owner also can gauge how much waste accumulates in the tray over time by examining the feces frequently throughout day; keeping track of this information will enable them to adjust weekly maintenance guidelines accordingly based on these observations plus adjustments made according to seasonal weather conditions such as wetter winters increasing frequency of cleaning needed during winter months versus drier summer months when less maintenance is required because fecal matter remains dry longer before sprouting bacteria causing odors