How Much Should I Be Feeding My Kitten?

My kitten is 2 weeks old and she’s very hungry all the time. I tried to put her on a feeding schedule, but she won’t eat every three hours like I wanted. She just wants to be fed constantly and it really upsets me because I can’t leave her alone for more than an hour or so without having her puke everywhere, which makes cleaning up a huge pain in my ass. How do i get her to stop eating so much? Is there anything else i should try besides starving the little shit out of her?

How much food does a cat need per day? 5 Answers

How fast will my cats coat grow back after being shaved off with clippers when he was 4 months old ? 1 Answer My male Siamese cat has red coloring around his face & neck area & tips of his ears are turning white…already have dark gray spots on him….how long will it take for his fur to go back completely ?? Please help !!!! Thank You !! Lola P 12/14/2012 We live in Southern California where our air conditioning is usually set at 80-85 degree temperature during the summertime. This means that you have no choice but to shave your pet daily if you want them to stay warm enough indoors while they are shedding their winter coats (in other words, if they don’t shed their fur.) To give you some perspective about how long this process takes: If your pet doesn’t groom itself regularly – meaning it