How Much Should I Socialize With A Kitten?

i mostly socialize with my cats and i have never had any problems. they always come when called, play nicely with others and are very affectionate…how do you know if your cat is ready to be out in public?

I’m not sure what you mean “should I” but if your kitty seems ok around other people then she’s probably mature enough for the world outside of the house. You can ask yourself a few questions to see how she would react: – Is she good at being brushed/petted/licked away from strangers? If so, then chances are her instincts will tell her that all humans should be treated kindly no matter who they are or how many there are. She’ll also understand that it’s rude to jump on people either since most cats learn this behavior because their humans did it too much!! – Is he friendly towards other animals (cats included) even though he doesn’t get along well with his own family members? Again, this isn’t surprising since cats typically get along better with dogs than they do with their human families! This means he’ll likely get along fine in new places where no one has pet him before, especially since some may not realize because of his shyness that he could bite them or scratch them without meaning harm if startled or surprised!