How Much Should You Feed Your Kitten?

Kittens need to eat every 2-3 hours. At least once a day they should have a solid meal, and twice a day may be okay for kittens that are older or more active. Like puppies, kittens do not get full from eating one serving of food; therefore the same size portion should be divided into two or three meals. If you feed your kitten too little it will become hungry again in about 3 hours and could start vomiting. Too much food can result in obesity, which is very dangerous for small cats! For the first few weeks after birth, their stomachs are very small so make sure you don’t overfeed them at this time! It’s important to remember that feeding babies under 6 months old is a lot different than older cats since they require less calories per kilogram of body weight (1 lb = .45 kg). You can estimate how many calories your kitten needs by multiplying its current weight by 10 then divide it by 4 – but check with your veterinarian before starting an actual diet plan!

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