How Much Time Do You Need To Spend With New Kitten?

A. A kitten will require about 40 hours of socialization time with other cats or dogs before he can be adopted out to the public, according to the ASPCA .

Q. What are some signs that I should consider getting another cat?

A. Some instances in which you should consider getting a new cat include: if your old kitty is not eating well; has lost weight; has diarrhea or vomiting; seems lethargic or does not want to move around much at all (even though she wants treats); devours her food quickly and acts interested only when it’s mealtime, but devours her food slowly during play sessions and then appears bored afterward, etc.; there are strange smells coming from your house despite frequent vacuuming ; one of you catches mice outside their litter box more than once a week even after using traps … If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time for an addition!