How Much To Declaw A Kitten?

I am wanting to get a kitten and I want it to be healthy. I have had cats before but they were all declawed. Now, we are looking at getting a kitten that has been spayed or neutered. How much would you spend on the vet bills for both of them? The cat will need shots etc.. Also, how long should the legs be kept on after surgery??

What is wrong with my kitty’s back leg?

My Siamese is having some kind of problem with her back leg and she only goes clumsily around like this when it bothers her. She can’t seem to get up right and walks funny (on one leg) while trying to walk normally, but doesn’t make any noise while doing so! What could possibly happen if we weren’t able/willing to take her in for an exam soon enough?! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you very much!!