How Much To Feed 8 Week Kitten?

Eight weeks old is probably the youngest age a kitten is ready to leave her mom’s home and get adopted. kittens are friendly, cosy and well adjusted but at this stage, you might find your kitten nervous hesitating and fragile. That being said cat parents need to carefully take care of the kitten especially when it comes to feeding, apart from the physical health, you need to know that diet can affect their mood or behaviour.

Feeding an 8-week old kitten is very crucial for the healthy development of your chubby friend as kittens grow rapidly in under 1 year and this is the period where they need to be taken care of the most.

If you are wondering how much and how often you need to feed your kitten you are at the right place. We will also discuss a little about whether you should go for wet or dry kitten food. So let’s dive straight into it.



Surprisingly kittens require more food per pound of their body weight to support their growth and so they should be fed more frequently throughout the day compared to adult cats. In the first six months, they grow extremely rapidly, and it takes a lot of food to fuel that growth. Kitten grow almost 50 per cent in just 4 weeks ( from 8 weeks old to 12 weeks old)

kitten needs to grow a lot when they are young, don’t be afraid if you are thinking you might be giving them a lot to eat. Cats feed when they are hungry, while some might eat a lot while others don’t. When they’re full, they stop, unlike dogs which will eat all the food they are given even if they vomit later. You can consider free-feeding them if you don’t have an adult cat.



Growing kittens at the beginning up to six months of age may require three to four meals a day with the proper balance of dry food and wet food which we will discuss shortly. The right way to feed your 8-weeks old kitten is to have a feeding schedule to help control your kitten’s weight and to establish good mealtime habits.

I will recommend you to feed your kitten as much kitten food as it will eat, three times or four times a day, Both wet and dry food. Specifically, an eight-week-old kitten can be easily fed four times a day with half of a cup served at each meal.



Since an eight weeks young kitten has so much developing to do, a protein-rich diet is recommended ideally with access to fresh, clean water. Kittens need kitten food for the first full year to get fully and healthily developed.

choosing the best food for your kitten highly depends on:

  • your kitten’s weight
  • your kitten’s health condition
  • and your budget

Dry food is relatively cheaper and popular but sometimes causes problems in a few kittens, if you are on a good budget you can go for wet kitten canned food.

Any wet kitten food is better than dry kitten food which has added vitamins. Also, the biggest benefit of feeding a canned diet is the higher water content. Higher water content is always recommended in any food.

Brands such as Science Diet and Royal Canin provide quality controlled and high nutritional value wet kitten food.


  • Younge kittens eat a lot. You can free feed them.
  • 8 weeks old kittens need to eat multiple times a day. An eight-week-old kitten can be fed four times a day with half a cup served in each meal.
  • If you are on a good budget, generally wet food is recommended. you can check it out on Amazon. A healthy mixture of both dry and wet kitten food is needed for best results.