How Much To Feed A 2 Week Old Kitten?

2 weeks is too early to be feeding your kitten. If you are not sure, try starting her on rice cereal with water or milk (baby formula) mixed in. You can also start her with some canned kitten food that has the right amount of moisture for kittens at this age (usually around 6-8 ounces per can). When she starts eating solid foods, you should feed one cup twice a day until she is over 4 months old; then gradually cut back to 1/4 cup once a day until she reaches adulthood at about 16 weeks. This will help control obesity and other health issues later in life. Also give 1 teaspoon of liquid baby vitamins per teaspoonful of food daily during the first six months; after six months all liquid supplements should be given separately from food (i.e., plain liquid vitamin drops and no added flavorings like honey etc.). See: http://www.healthykittiesinfo….

What do kittens eat?

Kittens require 2 – 3 times as much nutrition as an adult cat because their body weight exceeds what they need by 10% or so! So it’s important to feed them as much as necessary while growing out their teeth and bones–which takes time anyway–to avoid malnutrition later on, especially if they don’t get enough calcium…not just calcium supplementation but actual bone development where there isn’t already enough bone present…plus adequate protein and fat sources which would stimulate good growth and prevent excessive rates of metabolism that could