How Much To Feed A Kitten 8 Weeks?

Im not sure how old your kitten is but I would start with 1 Tbsp. every other day and work up from there. It may take a while for her to eat more than that amount (she should be able to eat the entire tablespoon in one go) if she doesnt then try 2tsp., or 3tsp. depending on how much you want her to eat each time she eats, and/or how many times a day you feed. She should grow into it pretty easily at this stage though and before long she will eat like an adult cat, although some cats do prefer less food so they get very fat over night rather than eating enough all day long! You can also wait until shes 8 weeks old before introducing solid foods, which might make things easier for both of you as it takes longer for them to get used to new foods anyway…good luck!