How Much To Feed A Maine Coon Kitten?

– How much food a kitten needs a day?

How much does a house cat need to eat per day? – What is the ideal amount of food for cats daily?

What should my kitten eat on an average diet? – Kitten eating at least how many calories daily from babyfoods from 2months old ? Why cant he go without it.?

Do kittens have to be fed every hour or do they sleep most of the time and only wake up when they run out of energy then go back into their fast asleep state again within 30 minutes. I think that if there was anything wrong with them we would know about it right away though. So, you’re thinking that maybe something’s not quite right with your kitty and she doesn’t feel well even though she may look fine.I’m guessing its because both her ears are bent over more than normal so basically what she can hear around better which means she will be able to pick up things faster than other cats. It sounds like an ear infection could be causing this problem as well as some kind of sensitivity in one ear, either way keep trying different foods until you find one that works best for her and see if it goes away on its own after awhile letting your vet check her out first just in case though before you give up on giving any specific type of food ever again lol! As far as weights i believe there’s like 3-5 weeks where babies grow really quickly but soon enough those numbers start going down