How Much To Feed Six Pound Kitten?

Answer: I have had several people write me with questions about how much to feed their 6 pound kitten. Here is my response. First, you have to check the weight chart on the page for “Feeding Chart.” This will give you an idea of what your kitten should weigh at that age. Then, there are two methods that can be used to figure out how many meals per day or snacks per day your baby needs… The first method involves using either a formula mix or canned cat food (this varies depending upon the brand). For instance, if you chose Purina Cat Chow Cuts in Gravy as your kitten’s main food source and chose 4 ozs./day as her daily amount then she would need 40 ozs/week of this particular food. If she were eating it dry then 8 ozs./day would be needed which equals 80 ozs/week! So obviously not every single meal must be made up of this food but it helps get a better idea regarding what kind of foods are best for kittens over six months old who are growing rapidly! However, I caution against feeding wet food exclusively – they can become constipated very easily and if they do it too often they may spoil their appetite causing them to lose weight instead of gaining weight – we want our kittens healthy and happy!! Second method – use one-half cup (4 Tbs.) cooked chicken breast minus skin and bones added 2 times per week with each meal (5 days/wk) plus