How Much Water Does A Kitten Need?

Kittens need to drink a minimum of two quarts of water per day. If you see your kitten drinking less than one quart, increase the amount he is given every day until he drinks at least two quarts daily. Continue to adjust his amount up or down as needed by hand-feeding small amounts often throughout the day. He should be able to lap from a dish without spilling much liquid and will demonstrate that he’s full before stopping eating altogether. Some kittens may not consume enough water because they are sick, so it’s important for you to watch them closely during illness.


How often should a kitten eat depends on many factors: What kind of food have you been feeding him, how old he is, what stage of development his body has reached, and whether there is any medical reason why his appetite isn’t as good as usual (see below). The best time for kittens’ feedings might depend on where they live—maybe in the morning when their mothers have just eaten or if their mother has left her littermates with another cat; perhaps around dinnertime; or maybe at night after she eats again herself! There are even some pet owners who allow kittens to sleep through most days but wake them up regularly during weekends and holiday periods when their cats eat more frequently (and larger) meals! Try these options out first; you’ll soon discover which schedule works best for your little ones…