How Much Water Should A Kitten Drink?

Kittens should be allowed to drink as much water as they want, but it’s important that you monitor their intake throughout the day. The normal amount of drinking required daily is about 1% of body weight per week which means a kitten can easily drink 5-6 ounces (150–180 ml) every 24 hours. If your kitten drinks more than this over the course of a few days or if he refuses to drink, check with your veterinarian for advice on how much water it might need.

How often should I change my cats litter?

The frequency at which you change your cat’s litter depends on several factors including what type of litter is being used and the condition of the urine in the box. Using an absorbent granular product such as Yesterday’s News will keep urine from ever becoming concentrated enough to form crystals causing clumping issues; however, regular sweeping and cleaning are still needed regardless of what kind of litter you’re using! We recommend changing out any cover once a month for optimum health. Litter boxes should be cleaned only when necessary since urine left in them can become very acidic after time depending on other conditions within each box (ie: ammonia levels). This acidity weakens wood siding and other surfaces leaving them vulnerable to moisture damage leading to rot or mold growth inside walls etc… For optimal health we highly recommend replacing all kitty litters every 2 years regardless if they’ve been changed recently! See our article “Litter Boxes