How Much Weight Should A Kitten Gain Per Week?

A kitten should gain about 1 to 2 ounces (30-60 grams) per week. Cats that are not being provided with adequate amounts of food or do not have a clean, healthy environment will need more weight than this, while cats that are receiving proper nutrition and care require less.

Does my cat need a litter box? What kind is best for him/her? How often should it be cleaned? Do you buy one or build your own from stuff in the house?

You can find out what type of litter box is right for your cat by looking at his/her age and size. Kittens 3 months old and under don’t need a separate litter box, but once they hit 4 months of age it’s good to get them started on their own little self-cleaning area if possible. You can start them off with either a sifting type litter box where the kitty removes all solids from the waste tray by himself OR you can purchase an automatic self cleaning litter pan which does most of the work for you! These boxes come in different shapes and sizes depending upon how much room there is inside your home so make sure to measure several options before making any purchasing decisions! In general though I recommend getting one with some height & length as these make access easier if you have smaller dogs or children living in your home since sometimes even large cats don’t fit into low lying boxes well due to their short legs…if they can