How Much Wet Food For A Kitten?

What’s the best way to clean a pee pad? What can I use to clean it? As for what you should use, anything that gets the smell out will work. You could also try soaking it in vinegar (my vet showed me this trick) or using hydrogen peroxide. If your kitten pees on something else besides its litter box, remove whatever they peed on and wash it several times with soap and water until all traces of urine are gone.

How much food do kittens need at one time? When does my cat get neutered / spayed? Do cats ever run away from home when they’re fully grown? Cats grow very quickly so by the time they reach their full growth you should be able to tell if your cat is male or female just by looking at them. They start getting neutered/spayed around 2 years old because there is no reason for people who own cats not to neuter them since many people don’t want more than one pet in their house but there is no good reason why you shouldn’t wait any longer than that otherwise if you find out later that your cat wasn’t fixed then he’ll have health problems as an adult..