How Much Wet Food Should A 3 Month Old Kitten Eat?

My kitten is a 3 month old and I am trying to find out how much wet food should he be eating. He eats Purina one senior but that’s about it, I don’t know what else to feed him.

[QUOTE=bugsy;6374487]I have been feeding my cat tuna/chicken formula for the last 1 1/2 years(she is only 8..) She has always had chondro disease and Lymes disease as well as other things, ever since she was a kitten….and now at age 9 shes doing just fine. My point being: WATER IS THE KEY![/QUOTE]

We too have a cat who has lymes disease & we’ve chosen not to treat her with antibiotics because of this BUT we still keep her on fish oil capsules from our Vet so she can stay healthy!! It really does help!! But if you choose NOT to give your kitty medicine then make sure you provide her with lots of water!!! Also offer your kitty some canned food as well as fresh foods such as fruits & veggies because those are rich in vitamins!!!! When I first got my kitty (not long after starting treatment) when she was 12 weeks old i started giving her 2 scoops of Wellness once daily & by 6 months they were upping it up to 4 scoops twice daily…the good thing about this diet is that even though its high in fat its also very