How Much Wet Kitten Food Per Day?

It’s usually recommended to start with two tablespoons of wet food per day. Depending on the individual cat, some cats will need more than this while others less. You can be generous and give your kitten up to four tablespoons per day at first until you are sure that they’ll get all the nutrition from it that they require in a balanced diet. If you have wet food for your kittens then make sure that there is plenty of fresh water available for them but don’t add any extra moisture because too much slightly dampened dry food may cause diarrhea in very young kittens who aren’t used to digesting a higher level of fibre in their diet yet or who haven’t quite repaired the intestinal lining enough yet. This will teach them what’s right and wrong when it comes to eating dry versus moist foods although if you use canned kitten food instead it should help avoid any issues since most canned brands do not contain added water which would mess up their tummies even further!