How Mujch Calories Does A Kitten Need?

In general, a kitten will need 20 to 30 calories per pound of body weight every day. However, this varies from cat to cat due to their size and age. A newborn kitten can burn as few as 10 calories a day while an older adult may only require 15 or more calories a day. Some kittens may even make up for any energy they consume by going on long hunting expeditions around the home! Kittens also have high metabolisms compared with other cats so they require more food than other breeds of cat that are less active and tend not track down prey as fast. In addition, because of their small body mass, many kittens do not eat enough food in one sitting to maintain their normal calorie needs therefore it is best if you feed your kitten multiple smaller meals throughout the day instead of just one large meal.. See our article about feeding your kitten for details on how often you should be feeding him/her..

What do I need for my kitty’s nutrition?

As mentioned above there are several different types of foods available which provide different nutritional profiles but all three main categories (protein sources such as meat based products; carbohydrate sources such as grains etc.; and fats) must be included in the diet . The ratio between carbohydrates and protein that is most commonly used is known as ‘4:1’ which means that approximately 4 times more nutrients come from these two macronutrients than those coming from fat alone (when using dry ingredients). Dry foods usually contain approximately