How Often Can You Bathe A Kitten?

“Not often enough. As long as their favorite toy is present, they are content to be wet for a few minutes at a time. By being exposed to the same things all day every day, they learn the world is predictable and manageable through repetition. And that can lead them into dog pounds or shelters where they are then dumped because there isn’t anyone else who has figured out how to manage these cute little bundles of fur. But if you take your kitten everywhere with you—if you teach him everything he needs to know in one summer—you will have created an adult cat whose life will be filled with wonder and joy rather than fear and despair.”

1 The method described here was invented by my friend Dr Linda Neuwirth (formerly known as “The Cat Whisperer”). It uses food rewards for positive outcomes such as house training, not punishment for negative behaviors such as urinating on furniture; however those willing to adopt this approach should read her book To Train Up a Child: A hands-on guidebook that teaches adoptive parents what works and doesn’t work when disciplining children (1999) before doing so!

2 I once wrote an article entitled “Cat Poisons: What Do They Do? What Can You Do? What Should You Be Afraid Of?” which points out some of the most common dangers faced by our feline friends including antifreeze poisoning from licking car engines