How Often Do You Feed A 6 Week Old Kitten?

Q: How long does it take to figure out how much food to give a kitten?

A: We suggest you follow the instructions on the bag of food your cat is eating. For example, if it says on the front of the bag that an adult cat needs 2 cups per day and your kitten’s age is 6 weeks old then you would be feeding him 1/2 cup per day for two feedings daily. If he loses weight from anything other than eating his food – ie – he won’t eat because he doesn’t think it tastes good enough or maybe there are some health issues going on with him – we recommend having a vet check him out first before changing his diet too dramatically. You might also try switching foods as well – there are many brands available now through pet stores and online retailers that may have been around for years but never received much attention from veterinarians until recently.