How Often Do You Feed A Kitten?

A: As often as the kitten will eat, usually about every 4 hours. They do not need to be fed twice a day or at all during the first week of life. The first two weeks are important for establishing good health and should be free from stress so keep your kittens indoors until they can handle being left alone.

Q: How long should I wait before giving my kitten solid food?

A: Wait 2-4 days before offering them solids; you can begin with small amounts like 1/2 teaspoon daily because any less than that may cause diarrhea, which is common in this age group because of their immature digestive tracts (the number one complaint we get). To avoid this, it’s best to start off slow! Be sure to give them plenty of time each day for playtime and exploring; also make sure they have access to water at all times (not just when wetting themselves). For more advice read our article on how much formula or other foods you should feed your newborn kitten here.

Q: What type of litter box should I put my new kitten in?

A: When choosing a litter box size it’s best to choose something as large as possible as early as possible so they don’t feel confined! We recommend using an outdoor catbox since cats love being outside…if there isn’t an outdoor catbox available then use a regular indoor litter box if there is no danger from predators such as birds or raccoons –