How Often Does A Kitten Need To Eat?

A kitten should be fed two to three times a day. To determine how much food your kitten needs, you can use this formula:

Weigh the kitten after each feeding. Divide the weight by 3 to get the number of feeds per day. For instance, if you weigh your cat at 5 pounds she will need 2 feedings daily; weighing her at 10 pounds means she should be given 3 feedings daily; and weighing her at 15 pounds indicates that she would require 4 feedings daily (divide 15 by 3). It is always best to weigh kittens before they are 1 week old so that you don’t overfeed them. I feel better about my cats when their diet includes something green for vitamins and minerals every other day or every third day (such as an apple or carrot); older kitties may not like trying new foods until they develop more taste buds because many adult cats have difficulty digesting solid foods so it’s important to adjust their diet accordingly according to what works for your cat(s) since some won’t eat anything except canned food or dry kibble which can lead to dental problems!

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