How Often Should My Kitten Poop?

My kitten eats a lot and has a litter box, but he poops only every two days. Is this normal? I was told that cats should poop more often than once every three days to keep their system clean. But my vet said it is okay as long as she goes twice in one week. What’s the real answer?

Answer: A cat usually does not have an urge to go until they are about six weeks old, so you probably just need to be patient and let your kitty catch up on his nutrition first before you start scolding him for going too little or too late! If the problem continues, then try feeding smaller meals four times per day instead of two big ones at each meal and see if that helps by moving her bowels along faster. Also make sure she is getting plenty of fresh water both from bowls and from drinking fountains – unless your veterinarian says otherwise (in which case please call us immediately because we can advise you much better!). As far as scolding goes, kittens under five months do not understand such commands; all they will know is what you say sounds like “oo ooo” (and maybe others). That being said though – how else would they learn language other than through experience with people? So even if it doesn’t seem like kitty understands yet – remember that he will very soon! | ask-a-vet