How Often Should You Feed A 5 Week Old Kitten?

As far as how often you should feed your new kitten, there are no hard and fast rules. While it’s best to get your kitten on a regular feeding schedule, don’t be alarmed if he gets away from the bowl. Cats learn by doing and will associate eating with feeding times when they can actually enjoy themselves (like when you’re watching TV). The only time I recommend skipping food is before going to sleep; kittens tend to wake up during the night in search of food and even though we know they need to eat for energy, depriving them at this point may cause issues later in life.Your veterinarian or animal hospital staff can provide advice about their weight progress or help keep track of how much food you should be giving them each day – consult our Nutrition section for more information about what foods are appropriate for adult cats . Also remember that any vet visit involves an exam before and after treatment so make sure all concerns discussed during the appointment have been addressed beforehand:What happens after 5 weeks?By 6-8 weeks old, most kittens start shedding their baby hair…and if yours hasn’t started yet, don’t worry! Kittens aren’t born bald but rather covered with soft downy fur which grows into their adult coat over time. Although it’s pretty common for some cats not to grow out all of their baby hair , most do eventually shed completely leaving behind just a faint “shadow” around where hairs were once present which helps prevent matting throughout life