How Often Should You Feed A Kitten 4 Weeks Old?

Kittens at 4 weeks old should be fed approximately 2-3 times a day. It’s important for them to have enough food, as they grow rapidly at this age.

How much do kittens eat?

The amount of food you offer your kitten depends on several factors: breed, activity level and size. The more active the kitten is, the faster it will consume its food – that’s why bigger breeds need less food than smaller ones. As a rule of thumb you can feed a kitten up to 3% of its body weight per day (which equates to about 0.5g per pound). More may be needed in some instances but there are certain things you must know first before offering too much or too little food from time to time. If your cat eats less than what it needs for growth and development then it could become malnourished if not cared for properly after this stage in their lives when cats reach 6 months old or so at which point they shouldn’t get any more than 1/2 cup each day because over eating causes fat storage problems causing obesity later on in life unless exercised daily! At 6 months old healthy adult cats should also no longer receive milk replacer because milk does not contain all nutrients required by an adult cat except calcium which is present in most plant based foods along with other necessary vitamins and minerals although excess amounts of calcium can cause bladder stones especially if given human baby formula instead! Your vet can recommend what constitutes an appropriate