How Often Should You Feed A Newborn Kitten?

Almost immediately after birth, your kitten should be fed. After the first day or two of nursing – say no more than twice per day – start offering food in a saucer and gradually increase to several meals per day. It’s important not to overfeed them with too many small meals because it can cause digestive upsets and diarrhea, which is dangerous for kittens under six weeks old. Offer wet food in water rather than dry; this is easier on their system and allows you to feed them without worrying about messes (wet kibble will stop babies from eating). When they’re ready to wean off milk, offer some canned cat food at least once every week or so until they’re completely weaned; when you do switch them onto solid foods make sure that they get enough protein in their diet (ask your vet what type of formula is best for newborns).

How often should I bathe my new kitten?

Bathing newly-weaned kittens only needs to happen once every three days if all goes well during the early part of its life – but if there are problems with hairballs the frequency may need increasing. Depending on how much hair comes out each time it’s washed, you can use warm water mixed with shampoo or even diluted vinegar instead of soap just by adding one tablespoon into four cups of lukewarm water instead of using conditioner. You can also try brushing out tangles afterward using baby toothbrushes tied together with string – again though