How Often Should You Feed Your Kitten?

The amount of food you give your kitten depends on his age and activity level. You will need to feed him a minimum of two times daily, with one meal being his breakfast and the other going down at lunch time. If he is not eating enough food for his size make sure that he gets a little bit more in each feeding or he’ll become underweight. It’s best if the cat eats all of her meals during the day because she doesn’t have much chance to eat when she goes out hunting for small animals – after all, it’s what cats do! If your kitten seems stressed or unhappy then increase her portion by half a cup until things improve again. In this way you should ensure that she is getting enough nutrients from both meals every day while also making sure that she keeps gaining weight so that when life starts taking its toll on her body there will be no problems brought about by malnutrition later in life.

What kind of food should I buy my kitten?